It’s Time to Act, for People and for Planet

Our world and our future are under threat from persistent poverty, growing inequality, and the climate crisis. We’ve made some progress but nowhere near enough to deliver on the promises made by all nations in 2015 to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

We have to accelerate and rejuvenate efforts if we are to achieve these Goals. 2020 will be a crucial year to do this.

Marking a third of the way through the SDGs and ten years to go – it is a make or break year - full of key decision moments on gender, inequality, climate, ecosystems, democracy and civic space. It is a mission critical moment to inspire and engage the world to set the path for a decade of delivery.

It's time to act!

That means campaigning for major global policy breakthroughs, sparking ever-greater local and regional activism, and creating cultural moments that break into the mainstream and re-energize action to fight poverty, inequality and the climate crisis.

Above all it means joining forces. A new effort is forming to do this, bringing together people around the world for a super-year of action.

What's coming up:

Global Day of Action

An annual day of activism on 25th September, the anniversary of the announcement of the Goals in 2015.

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